I’ve got an art-background within music, soundengineering and visual media with different forms of interaction. I´m programming and working in different IDE:s and languages such as TouchDesigner, Processing, GLSL, Java, Python, Javascript, JQuery, Max/MSP/Jitter, Arduino, Mysql, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro Suite, Cinema4D, Resolume Avenue, ProTools etc.

After around five years working as a producer at Kulturhuset Kåken, a cultural center in Gothenburg I now work as a project manager for a prospective municipal cultural center in Bergsjön in Gothenburg.

Im also part-time based as freelance in Studio 37 on Djurgårdsgatan in Gothenburg.

I’ve previously worked/working as coordinator, guitar- and music teacher, sound engineer, held workshops in Max/MSP/Jitter and founded the publishing house Katapult Förlag that for three years published the literary magazine Ordinär.